No Sale No Charge


We will look after you in ways no other agents will!

Wilson Real Estate is a real estate agency with a very big difference. Our approach is unique in Adelaide because we place our clients’ needs above all else!

Everything we do is designed to protect you from financial loss and put more money in your pocket at settlement time.

As the owner of your property, you have the right to expect the best price available for your property, especially if the buyer was prepared to pay more but your agent failed to get it.

At all times, and in every way, we focus our efforts on achieving the best price available. But it isn’t just talk, we can show you how we achieve exceptional sale results for our clients over and above standard real estate agent practices. We can show you how standard selling techniques commonly used in the marketplace are losing money for home owners.

The national opinion of real estate agents is very low … and rightfully so. Many people do not trust agents, but home owners still willingly hand over their biggest financial asset to someone that they never truly know much about and then they don’t expect any minimum performance guarantee, or even ask the simplest of questions to protect their personal finances… “what happens to the money that I agree to pay for advertising and marketing expenses if you don’t sell my home at a price I am happy with?”

As our client, you will not be exposed to unnecessary risks. We give you the unique ability to enter the real estate market ‘risk-free’ with a written guarantee with respect to the well-researched selling price expectation.

Some agents (incompetently or deliberately) over-quote your property value to win your business, and in advance of them later presenting you with a (much) lower offer, they require you to pay for the advertising and marketing fees in their sales agency agreement. The User Pays (you) system works very well for real estate agents when your price cannot be achieved.

Not surprisingly, nearly all real estate agents use this technique. Most home sellers do not know what is happening until it is too late … if ever.

“Our Price Guarantee: if your property sells below the price we quote, you are not obliged to pay anything. Not one cent.”

Some owners just get given the first offer from a buyer and not their best offer. Again and again we meet buyers attempting to purchase through other agents who tell us they would have paid more, much more.

“Wilson Real Estate agents have actually studied the art of negotiation. We are certified negotiators. We know what method of sale works the best and have studied how to negotiate the best price from our buyers. We avoid inferior methods of sale. Everything we do is done for a purpose and the results show this.”

And you’ve probably heard the myth that auctions get the best price. With failure rates historically running year on year at little over 50% you seriously have to question the ethics of real estate agents who keep recommending this method of sale knowing the failure rate is so common and compound this with their expectation that you pay for everything and that pretty much paints the picture.

Unfortunately the best result one can achieve is the second highest buyers price plus one additional bid which can be as little as $100 dollars. What this means is that the best buyer never has to reveal their highest price and this is where the underselling begins and auctions end.

This is the fatal flaw which is hardly ever discussed with a potential home owner by real estate agents who promote auctions. Auctions do not allow for negotiation to begin where the best buyer holds the last bid and has not paid their highest price. Auctions actually restrict your final selling price to the second best bidder on the day plus one more bid. It is simply a process that starts with the lowest bid and ends with the final bid, nothing more, nothing less. No interaction outside of the final two bidders can occur and you need to have two or more bidders to just start.

On the other hand, skilled negotiators know that to negotiate the best buyer to their highest price you cannot use the auction method to do that. Auctions mean no negotiation … and quite possibly the agents who cherish auctions do not know how to honestly negotiate. It is that simple. We will show you what other traditional methods real estate agents will not speak about.

We will show you how their methods repetitively fail their clients without their clients knowing that it is happening. Not surprisingly, home sellers who become aware of Wilson Real Estate and our unique difference are placing their trust in us to sell their property. They prefer to deal with an agency that places the seller’s financial needs above the real estate agency and are prepared to guarantee an expected selling price in writing.

If you’re thinking of selling, please contact us for an honest, guaranteed appraisal of your property.

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