No Sale No Charge

No Sale, No Fees


Risk Free Selling, guaranteed!

No Sale No Charge.


At Wilson Real Estate we do everything possible to guarantee you the best service and sale result.

Nearly every real estate agent you meet will expect you to fund the costs associated with advertising and marketing your property for sale to the public (whether you sell your property or not).

This is the preferred real estate agency business model.

As a result of this standard industry approach most home owners are unaware that there is an alternative to this real estate industry standard expectation. 

Wilson Real Estate does not ask you to pay for the advertising and marketing expenses if we fail to find a buyer for your property.

We cover this at our risk not yours.

While other agents insist that you carry the financial responsibility irrespective of whether you achieve a sale or not, we guarantee in writing that should a sale price not occur you do not have to pay any costs whatsoever.

It’s as simple and as honest as that.


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